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Impact-based Reputation. Strategic Positioning And Communication Based On Impact Measurement

Impact-based Reputation. Strategic positioning and communication based on impact measurement

Comin & Partners has developed with Open Impact, an innovative research-based start-up, effective tools that help companies and other organizations communicating their social and environmental impact using understandable financial metrics. Applying scientific knowledge and theory of change, and looking at sustainability as something that can be actually measured and communicated in a deep and coherent way: this is the future represented by Impact-based Reputation.

Comin & Partners and Open Impact combine their diverse expertise this way:

  • Measurement, evaluation and management of the entire impact cycle, through the definition of frameworks and digital solutions, designed for each phase and customized to the needs of each organization
  • Strategic overview of reputation and sustainability, used to identify the most relevant social and environmental impact priorities, applying external relations tools, and providing real strategic support for managing reputation
  • Effective and proactive strategic communication, combined with an approach considering all different stakeholders, with the goal of building genuine consensus for sustainable activities and projects

A line of services dedicated to Impact

Impact Assessment. Quantitative analysis, aimed at measuring the social, environmental and economic impact generated by projects, services, programs and policies, in order to communicate externally and effectively tell the public about their value.

Social Impact Listening. Listening to conversations on the media and on the web, analysis of sustainability-related communications and matching with the real impact generated.

Impact Cycle Management. Support to the in-depth analysis and reorganization of the company’s activities, through the planning of a transition path towards sustainability based on data, best practices, internal and external communication.

 Sustainability Report. Communicating and enhancing the value of commitment to sustainability, through the creation of a unique and in-depth Sustainability Report, based on the measurement of impact with Open Impact methodology and on C&P’s communications

Discover the “impact-based reputation” services in the brochure.

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