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Communication, media and institutional relations, digital strategies and crisis management: we do not only offer services in each of these areas but a strategic and integrated approach to activities.  To achieve important goals together.

Boosting the reputation of top management, supporting the construction of infrastructural works, facing and overcoming financial challenges, handling communication crisis.  These are the numerous challenges that those working in companies and institutions need to plan or solve.

What is important in these cases is having partners to share the objectives with and who will offer support during the most important steps of the way, not only by providing single activities but by assuring an integrated approach of actions and experience of those who have faced and overcome many challenges in the past.

Communication, media and institutional relations, digital strategies and crisis management: we do not only offer services in each of these areas. What we do is assure a strategic and integrated approach to all communication activities.

A modern method, starting from an in-depth understanding of the requirements of our clients and a sharing of the objectives, aimed at enhancing the strong points, building a common ground with the stakeholders and strengthening reputation. All this to overcome the challenges together.

Reputation management

We help companies and top management improve their reputation and broaden the target market. We work with our clients to analyse the starting point, identify the strategic objectives and the most important targets, in order to optimise resources and the importance of the message. Together, we define an activity plan that allows us to reach the key stakeholders in the most effective way possible.

Media relations

The media are changing due to new tools and players in the market.  Through our strategic vision and professional experience in media relations we are able to assure our clients the best media coverage, in order to anticipate and influence communication and increase the visibility of their stories in local, national and international headlines.

Digital strategies

Digital channels are increasingly becoming a key instrument for reaching the target market such as the media, institutions and public opinion, and for spreading strategic messages and telling  the story of companies and organisations.  We work alongside our clients to identify the strong points and the areas of improvement of online communication, to define competitor benchmarks in each field and develop an integrated plan dedicated to digital channels.


We are able to create grassroots organisation, to set up a reference group and reach out to the target audience starting from the bottom up. We follow the development process starting from an analysis of the situation and the involvement of third parties, moving towards the creation of specific online and offline communication plans up to the mobilisation of citizens and the final objective.

Regulatory and public affairs

We help companies and organisations communicate with public decision makers and regulatory authorities, examining the opportunities and risks associated with their business plans and their decisions. Conveying the right message is the most important step if we want to  leave a mark in the decision-making process, and make sure all needs and interests are properly understood, not to mention how important it is when managing potential legal investigations and reputation crises that may arise.

Crisis Management

Through our experience of over 20 years in crisis management at both national and international level, what we truly want to deliver to companies, institutions and professionals is our vision: transforming the most complex moments into an opportunity to improve one’s personal reputation.

Corporate social responsibility e corporate shared value

Production and consumption are two sectors that are constantly evolving, hence the ability to create value for a company goes hand in hand with the ability to create value for the entire target community.  We support companies in the definition of Inclusive Business Models and Shared Value initiatives, which lead to a greater competitive edge and an enhanced reputation in target markets.

Public Relations

Relationships are a vital tool for the consolidation of a company, the creation of new businesses and an increase in visibility.  We can build and expand a company’s network of contacts to include institutional and media influencers, through public relations activities customized reflecting the specific objectives of our clients.

Marketing politico

We work towards creating clear and convincing political messages, to improve the style of communication of the candidate or the organisation, to help them reach out to their group of potential voters.  In the changing political and institutional scenario, the key to success moves through the creation of direct relationships with public opinion and specific communication strategies in line with the various stakeholders.

Ghostwriting e Corporate Storytelling

We help companies and organisations in the creation of textual and visual representations, able to reach their audience, to communicate complex projects in an efficient and captivating manner.

Employer Branding

Together with our clients we develop Employer Branding strategies, identifying and promoting the distinctive elements and features that highlight the values of a brand or of an organisation, with the aim of attracting the best talents and improving competitiveness.

Corporate Cultural Responsibility

We develop placement processes for large institutions and cultural organisations, through the creation of synergies with companies and the territory.  We define the best strategies and we use cultural marketing channels, with the aim of improving the image of public and private organisations.


We provide managers and professionals with our experience and know-how, offering made-to-measure consultancy and training services, aimed at improving and strengthening their communication skills.  We develop specific training projects, individual and for groups, seminars and workshops to understand and further investigate corporate communication, media relations and internal communication and we use the very best communication and public speaking techniques, to be enhanced during media visibility events.

Litigation PR

We develop a path dedicated to the support of companies and organizations in the communication activities carried out in sphere of a legal trial and process, during the phases and different degrees of a judicial process  (civil, criminal, administrative or arbitration), to manage and govern relations with stakeholders, aiming at safeguarding the reputation and influencing public opinion.

Conflict management and Débat Public

In partnership with Avventura Urbana, we organize and manage public debate sessions regarding development issues, major public works, strategic growth plans for territories and communities. Managing delicate institutional relations within complex contexts and advising for effective and crisis communications are the essential ingredients for this practice.

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Media Relations, Institutional Relations, Crisis Communication
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