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Client: ILVA

Area: Media Relations, institutional relations, crisis communication


The  ILVA plant in Taranto, one of the main European steel companies with over 14,000 employees was subject to special administration in 2013 following a legal incident that involved management and the owners, connected with the environmental management of the plant.


Management of the crisis, guaranteeing the flow of correct information and implementing a reputation recovery process, and providing support in the company’s sales process.


Starting from 2014 and in agreement with the commissioners and managing directors of the company, Comin & Partners was in charge of all public relations activities with the media and national authorities.

Media Relations. Comin & Partners created a constant external flow of information in order to enhance the industry at a national level on the media.

Integrated communication. Thanks to constant support provided by Comin & Partners in the institutional, financial and environmental activities of the company all reference stakeholders were reached in an efficient and constant way and the reputation of the company was restored.

Reputation management. Communication activities enabled the creation of the story of the construction of ILVA enhancing the strong points of new company placement and its industrial heritage.


Comin & Partner supported ILVA during the sales process, resulting in the company transfer to Am Investco Italy, a joint venture consisting of the giant ArcelorMittal and the Marcegaglia group.

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