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Credito Valtellinese


Client: Credito Valtellinese

Area: Financial communication, Crisis communication, Advertising & Media planning


Credito Valtellinese (Creval), a historical banking institution founded at the beginning of the Twentieth century, presented, at the end of 2017, an ambitious industrial plan to its partners and investors including an increase in capital of 700 million euro, aimed at relieving the bank from deteriorated credit and re-launching its financial activities.


Planning of communication activities and media relations, aimed at enhancing the industrial plan and the relating increase in capital with investors and the public opinion.

Management of the possible media-financial crisis for the entire period of the collaboration, starting with the presentation of the bank’s industrial plan, right up to the the capital increase.


A strategic financial communication plan which led to an increase in the positive perception around the new industrial plan of the bank, capturing the interest of the bank’s investors and customers.  Management of mandatory communication, production and distribution of price sensitive materials throughout the financial initiative.

Reputation management and Media relations. The communication activities helped build the story of Creval which highlighted the strong points of the new bank placement, enhancing the medium-long term positive financial development deriving from an increase in capital.  Comin & Partners supported the creative phase at the basis of the advertising activities for the entire duration of the capital increase and the media planning strategies on all local national newspapers, radio and digital media.


In March 2018, Creval completed the capital increase with success thanks to the huge participation of its partners and shareholders and the guarantee consortium consisting of the main banks at international level such as  Mediobanca, Citigroup, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Commerzbank and Société Générale.

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