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Client: Hitachi

Area: Financial Communication, Media Relations, Institutional relations and crisis communication


In 2015, Hitachi launched an operation for the acquisition of AnsaldoBreda and Ansaldo STS from the parent company Leonardo-Finmeccanica. It was a rather delicate business case as it involved one of the most important Italian groups.

The sale presented several critical points, connected to the arrival of a foreign group and antitrust investigations, all solved with success.


Coordinating communication operations with regards to the financial aspects and handling media relations with institutional stakeholders and the public opinion especially as concerns crisis management.


Reputation management and Crisis communication. Management of the general communication strategy regarding the operation, with specific focus on the  improvement of the reputation of Hitachi in Italy and management of the various acquisition phases.  Furthermore, the operation also involved crisis management during the public purchase offer and communication with authorities.

Institutional relations. Support to Group representatives during interaction with the main institutional representatives, in order to present the long-term business objectives.

Financial communication. Management of activities in order to guarantee a broader and more effective media coverage during the entire acquisition period and the Public Purchase Offer.


In October 2015 Hitachi concluded the acquisition operation for 100% of AnsaldoBreda and 40% of the shares of Ansaldo STS.

Afterwards, it launched a Public Purchase Offer for the acquisition of the remaining 60% of Ansaldo STS, whereas AnsaldoBreda became Hitachi Rail Italy.

The work carried out maximised the business results and limited the possible reputation impact on the company, also from an economic point of view.

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