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Comin & Partners opens in Milan

Comin & Partners opens a new headquarters in Milan: that is a strategic priority to face the challenges of a rapidly evolving market and manage communication and lobby projects for large national and international customers.

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A possible discontinuity in languages

On Il Foglio are gathered ideas and opinions on the political scenario and the birth of the new Conte Government, with the analysis of our Founder Gianluca Comin: «There is the possibility of marking a discontinuity also in the languages».

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Comin & Partners grows, turnover over 7 million (+ 37%)

On the main Italian newspapers the news of the growth of Comin & Partners: turnover over € 7 million (+ 37%), a very positive result that confirms the constant growth from 2014 to today. In 2019 the challenge is to consolidate the presence in Milan, with the opening of the new newspapers

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Our Founder Gianluca Comin partecipated to 24Mattino, the program on Radio24 , hosted by Maria Latella and Oscar Giannino, to talk about marketing and political communication, and the role of brand in view of the European elections.

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The debate between Steve Bannon and Carlo Calenda

The sovereign Steve Bannon and the Europeanist Carlo Calenda faced each other in a debate organized by Comin & Partners in Rome and moderated by Lucia Annunziata. The event presented in the main national newspapers

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Cairo launches RCS in the Roman market

In the Corriere della Sera article, the reflections of our Founder Gianluca Comin on the sidelines of the RCS Road Show in Rome, with Urbano Cairo and over one hundred entrepreneurs, to discuss future challenges and projects

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Effective advertising, as explained by Gianluca Comin

Interviewed by Riccardo De Palo on Il Messaggero, Gianluca Comin describes strategies and “trade secrets” to develop and deliver advertising techniques able to reach the target audience effectively.

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Brand Storytelling: as companies are focusing on magazines

“The brand magazine is a very useful tool to position the company’s storytelling and to intercept influential stakeholders”, Founder Gianluca Comin illustrates strategies for strengthening reputation and business, on Il Sole 24 Ore.

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Gianluca Comin on brand strategy

Interviewed by Edda Guerini on Libero, Gianluca Comin explains the communication strategies to revise a band image, about the hypothesis of a change of brand for PD party.

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Federico Fabretti joins the team, revenue +21% in 2017

Some important Italian newspapers report news on Comin & Partners, such as Federico Fabretti – formerly Director of External Relations, Communication and Institutional Relations in Leonardo – joined the team, and the growth of revenue in 2017.

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Comin, the crossroads of expert communicators

Journalist Sara Bennewitz on la Repubblica – Affari & Finanza talks about new figures joining Comin & Partners to manage the areas of Media and Institutional Relations.

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Companies beyond a crisis in Il Gazzettino

“Reacting to a crisis, user instructions”: a review of the book by Gianluca Comin, “L’impresa oltre la crisi”, in Il Gazzettino.

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Companies beyond a crisis and the Barilla case

“The book by Gianluca Comin reconstructs how, after the clash about the ads, the pasta from Emilia has become gay friendly“. An article by Aldo Cazzullo in Corriere della Sera Sette magazine.

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Companies beyond a crisis

“Here is a book that you should all read”.  This is how the review of the book by Gianluca Comin begins. His book “L’ Impresa oltre la crisis” in the Il Foglio newspaper. “A precious handbook on how to handle a crisis that a company may suffer”.

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Comin & Partners and crisis management

An article by Quotidiano Nazionale dedicated to the former minister Federica Guidi which focuses on the crisis communication strategy where Comin & Partners played a relevant role.

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Comin & Partners communicates art

The “Cultural Engagement”: the commitment of Comin & Partners with regards to cultural activities narrated on the pages of Prima Comunicazione.

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Comin & Partners on JustBaked

Interviewed by Laura Carrozza on JustBaked, Gianluca Comin tells the story of the creation of Comin & Partners and his passion for communication “in all of its multifaceted representations”.

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Comin & Partners in Il Venerdì di Repubblica

The opinion of Gianluca Comin on the role of the lobbyist in Italy, in an interview by Federica Fantozzi for Il Venerdì di Repubblica.

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Gianluca Comin, Man of the month for the Specchio Economico magazine

Gianluca Comin, interviewed by Claudia Marin on the pages of Specchio Economico, tells the story of the creation of Comin & Partners, and the reasons that led him to undertake a third personal life, the entrepreneurial one.

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Comin and Partners works with Hitachi

In Sole 24Ore, Gianni Dragoni tells the story of Hitachi’s acquisition of the signalling activities and Railway Transport of Finmeccanica. Comin and Partners is quoted as an advisor for external relations.

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Three new partners for Comin & Partners

The story of the three new partners is told by some of the most important Italian newspapers, from Corriere della Sera to La Stampa, from Il Sole 24Ore to Avvenire. An in-depth analysis is published by Prima Comunicazione.

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Gianluca Comin, House of Cards and crisis communication

The House of Cards is not a manual, even though everybody likes it, from Barack Obama to Bill Clinton to prime minister Matteo Renzi. Gianluca Comin also likes it, the man that managed Enel communication for 12 years.

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TweetPolitics in La Repubblica

[…] TweetPolitics, the report prepared by Comin and Partners and Eikon Strategic Consulting, which offers a snap-shot of political and institutional conversations on Twitter.  Research has monitored 150,000 tweets on almost 700 accounts of parliamentarians, political leaders and Italian parties.

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TweetPolitics in Sole 24Ore

11 Dec. 2014. […] TweetPolitics, the report on Twitter and politics carried out by Comin&Partners and Eikon Strategic Consulting. […] the study offers a snap-shot of political and institutional conversations on Twitter.

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Comin and Partners in l’Espresso

Comin&Partners has just been created by Gianluca Comin, for twelve years a powerful director of Enel publicrelations  […] Comin is a radar-man of relations, connections and interconnections.

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Gianluca Comin and the Moncler case: could it have been avoided? Economy focus on Radio24

A guest of Sebastiano Barisoni on Radio24, Gianluca Comin speaks of the difficult Moncler case, following the investigations by Report on the feathers used for the production of their clothing line…

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Italian-style lobbying or far west? Law and sheriff, wanted

Gianluca Comin, the founder of Comin & Partners, sums up the situation of lobbying in Italy during the Transparency International Italia conference held in Palazzo Marini, for the presentation of the report: “Lobbying and democracy.  Representation of interests in Italy”.

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Comin becomes the boutique of consultancy. The first truly important assignment is Ilva. Elena Di Giovanni is in the team.

The reputation of companies, relations with stakeholders and crisis management with an eye on digital means.  The new adventure starts with these objectives…

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Lobby and communication: Comin & Partners takes off

Comin & Partners takes off. Their activities are focused on private and public authorities, offering “communication and public relation services, through the study, planning and implementation of strategies and communication plans”.

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Comin starts off on its own: the communication boutique Comin & Partners is born

Gianluca Comin has decided to start off on his own and launch a new consultancy company with the name of Comin & Partners, a boutique that joins the group of the  most important ones already…

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Comin & Partners is born, a boutique for top scale communication

After a long experience of twelve years as director of Enel public relations, Gianluca Comin has decided to start off on his own and open a consultancy boutique Comin & Partners. Few partners…

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After 12 years at the top of Enel communication, Gianluca Comin opens up on his own: he becomes an entrepreneur leading a communication consultancy company

“Communication is undergoing a phase of total transformation.  The web has drastically accelerated the circulation of messages.  Contemporary consumers are never satisfied….”

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Comin & Partners is created

With a career as a journalist, twelve years at the head of the Enel public relations and two mandates as Ferpi President, Gianluca Comin starts off on his own and opens a consultancy boutique, Comin & Partners…

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Comin puts itself to the test

After twelve years as an important manager of Enel public relations, Gianluca Comin decides to open a boutique of consultants.  He had been thinking about it for many years, because sometimes…

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Gianluca Comin will deal with the external relations of Ilva

The former strong man of Enel public relations has recently founded his own consultancy company,  Comin & Partners. However one of the first assignments will not be in the field of energy but steel…

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Public relations & important returns: Comin (former Enel) opens Comin & Partners

They have never stopped, the two big public relations managers, after the management changes in Eni and Enel (….) . Comin ranges from communication strategies to advertisement campaigns and the …

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